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Lethbridge & District Exhibition is receiving over $3.5 million to install and provide state-of-

Over $11.2 million for Lethbridge area organizations and communities announced at the newest PrairiesCan service location

January 19, 2023 – Lethbridge, Alberta – PrairiesCan

Southern Alberta has extensive economic growth opportunities and is a key contributor to the province’s overall prosperity. Lethbridge and its surrounding communities have an abundance of skilled talent, natural resources, iconic tourism destinations and a rich Indigenous history.

Today, the Honourable Dan Vandal, Minister for PrairiesCan, officially unveiled a new PrairiesCan service location in Lethbridge. This will bring PrairiesCan directly to the community recognizing the unique circumstances of southern Alberta. The new office is located in the Post, Lethbridge’s historic post office in the heart of downtown.

Communities throughout the Prairies have unique needs and priorities and the people who live there know how to best address them. That is why the Government of Canada is enhancing community economic development across the Prairies by opening seven new PrairiesCan regional offices, including in Lethbridge.

Local entrepreneurs, municipalities, community organizations and more can tap into these services now available in their community. PrairiesCan will continue to serve as an investor, convener and pathfinder supporting businesses, innovation, and communities to build a strong, competitive Prairie economy that benefits everyone.

As part of the launch, Minister Vandal also announced more than $11.2 million in PrairiesCan funding for 18 projects to support tourism, community economic development, and innovation across southern Alberta, supporting 230 jobs.

Examples of projects receiving support include:

  1. Lethbridge College is receiving over $2 million to establish an agriculture innovation centre for small- and medium-sized companies focused on agricultural technologies and agri-food products.

  2. The University of Lethbridge is receiving over $1.4 million to establish a centre of expertise to develop commercial applications for health management and monitoring, as well as $868,300 to establish a work integrated learning centre for Indigenous youth.

  3. Alberta Sugar Beet Growers in Taber is receiving over $242,000 to evaluate new market opportunities to grow Alberta’s sugar beet industry.

  4. Lethbridge & District Exhibition is receiving over $3.5 million to install and provide state-of-the art digitization of the Lethbridge Agri-Food and Trade Centre.

  5. The Galt Museum is receiving $75,000 to re-purpose an under-utilized space to create “Lethbridge Onscreen,” an outdoor audio/visual interpretive display to showcase local artwork and cultural exhibitions.

These projects have a wide range of impacts, from enhancing manufacturing and agri-food processing, to supporting hands-on learning for youth, and to creating accessible and modern public gathering spaces and will continue to build the region’s vibrant economy, creating jobs and opportunities for Alberta workers.

“We are exceptionally grateful for this investment by the Government of Canada solidifying its commitment to the agriculture economy in Southern Alberta. As we prepare to open our doors in Spring 2023, we do so knowing that we will welcome the world with state-of-the-art digital assets to match the industry leading innovations occurring throughout the region, further proving we are Canada’s Agriculture Destination” –Mike Warkentin, Chief Executive Officer, Lethbridge & District Exhibition


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