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Ag Expo highlights the latest technological breakthroughs in agriculture

Annual event returns to Lethbridge next week

Lethbridge, Alta. – One of the world’s oldest industries is being revolutionized by the very latest in technology, as new products point the way forward in sustainable agriculture. The latest in agriculture technology will be on display in the new Tech Zone at Ag Expo presented by FCC, taking place from Feb. 27 to 29 at the Agri-food Hub & Trade Centre in Lethbridge.

“We are seeing technology advancing at an incredible rate and it’s becoming more accessible for farmers and producers to use to support their businesses,” says Peri Price, Ag Expo Show Manager. “The Tech Zone brings these industry leaders together in one place and not only allows them to showcase their products and innovations, but allows farmers and producers to ask questions to better understand how they can use emerging technologies to improve their operations.”

The overarching focus for emerging agriculture technologies is on sustainable farming practices – whether its drones that analyze crop health more regularly and with greater accuracy, or the production of green energies that help producers become even more self sufficient, or transitioning to using and producing biofuels to reduce carbon emissions, new opportunities are presenting themselves quicker than ever before.

Lethbridge and Taber’s Sky Drones Inc., who will be an exhibitor at Ag Expo, was founded on a mission to improve and simplify agricultural processes for farmers in our community. Drone technology allows producers to identify exactly where the needs are to help their crops flourish. They can also identify exactly where weeds are taking root, allowing producers to spray only where needed, saving time, money, and resources.

At Ag Expo, Sky Drones will be featuring their revolutionary DJI Agras T40 drone, which is transforming the landscape of modern farming through increased flight times, a precision-oriented spray system, and real-time adjustments to fertilizer application that factor in wind conditions, that make this a leading technology on the market. The DJI Agras T40 is not just a drone; it's a revolution in agriculture. Its exceptional flight time, precision spray system, and resource optimization capabilities are changing the way farmers approach their craft. With the Agras T40, increased efficiency, higher yields, and cost savings are not just buzzwords; they are tangible outcomes. 

Also exhibiting at Ag Expo is Canary Biofuels, who are based out of Calgary. In 2021, Canary became the first Generation 2 biodiesel producer in Alberta when its Lethbridge County facility began operations. Biofuel production is the science of making waste work in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With facilities located strategically close to feedstock producers, Canary is growing opportunities for biofuel production and the agriculture industry on the path to decarbonization.

With nearly 30 exhibitors filling the Tech Zone in the Salons of the Agri-food Hub & Trade Centre, it is truly a look into the future of agriculture. Learn more about the Tech Zone and purchase your tickets to Ag Expo by visiting


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