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Saturday Farmers’ Market presented by UFA - Details

June 8 - October 12, 2024

8 AM - 1 PM

UFA Hall, Agri-food Hub & Trade Centre

Indoor booths are provided with…

  • A 10x10’ space

  • One 8’  table

  • Two chairs

  • One standard power outlet

Outdoor booths are provided with…

  • A 10x10’ space

  • One 8’  table

  • Two chairs

  • No  power provided for outdoor booths

Booth Pricing & Payment Options

Full Time Vendors

Vendors wanting to attend 13 or more markets are considered full-time vendors. $65 per booth per market. We require a deposit with each application. Total booth fees are due by July 31, 2024.

Casual Vendors

Vendors wanting to attend between 1 to 12 markets are considered casual vendors. $85 per booth per market. We require a deposit with each application. Following payments will be required weekly by Wednesdays or in a lump sum payment.

Returning vendor applications will be live Feb. 19. New vendor applications will be live April 9 and open all season long!

Wednesday Downtown Farmers’ Market Details

July 3 - September 4, 2024

9 AM - 2 PM

Festival Square, Downtown Lethbridge

Outdoor booths are provided with…

  • A 10x10’ space

  • One 6’ table

  • Two chairs

  • No  power provided for outdoor booths

Booth Pricing & Payment Options

Full Time Vendors

Vendors wanting to attend 13 or more markets are considered Full Time Vendors. $45 per booth per market. We require a booth deposit with each application. Total booth fees are due by July 31, 2024.


Casual Vendors

Vendors wanting to attend between 1 to 12 markets are considered casual vendors. $45 per booth per market. We require a deposit with each application. Following payments are required weekly by Fridays or in a lump sum payment. 


Returning vendor applications will be live Feb. 19. New vendor applications will be live April 9 and open all season long!

Applications received after the deadline will be processed as new vendors based on the order they are received.  


Connect With

Your Community

Earn income from your hard work while you build community connections. Join the farmers, ranchers, and artisans who call Canada’s Premier Food Corridor their backyard and share your goods with those who love to shop local.

Additional Details

  • Prices include GST.

  • Deposits are applied to total booth fees.

  • For full-time vendors, the remainder of total booth fees are due by end of July.

  • Vendors who drop from  full-time to  casual  vendor  status  will be responsible to pay the difference in booth fees.

  • Payment adjustments  will  only  be  issued at  the  end of  the market  season.

Community Booth

There will be one free community booth available per market date at each of the Saturday and Wednesday Farmers’ Markets. The community booth is reserved for nonprofits, charities, and community organizations as approved by Lethbridge & District Exhibition.

Food Trucks

Food trucks attending events produced by Lethbridge & District Exhibition will be charged a flat booth space fee, with NO commission structure attached. The fee will be up to the discretion of Lethbridge & District Exhibition, depending on the Internally Produced Event.

Alberta Approved Farmers’ Market

Lethbridge & District Exhibition Farmers’ Markets are Alberta Approved Farmers’ Markets, which means: 

  • Our vendors must consist of 80% “make it, bake it, grow it” items produced locally in Alberta.  

  • All items sold at our market must be new or newly refurbished. 

  • All Food Vendors are required to obtain an Alberta Food Safety Basics for Farmers’ Markets certificate and follow all AHS requirements.

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Become A Busker

The Lethbridge Farmers' Market is where the community comes together. Produced by Lethbridge & District Exhibition annually since 1962, the market showcases the region's best fresh produce, baked goods, homemade crafts, and so much more.

Nearly 70,000 people attended the Farmer's Market last year, which makes this an amazing opportunity for local artists to showcase what they do best for their community.

Artist and performer honorariums will be provided. Time slots are 10 AM - 1 PM every Saturday. The setup provided by LDE includes one standard 110V power outlet and chair(s). Performers are required to provide any additional setup/equipment they may require.

Rules & Regulations

    • For your safety and the security of your products, there is no access to the market outside of Farmers’ Market hours. To access the trade hall, in case of an emergency, you must be escorted by either the Market Manager or someone designated to assist in the market in their absence.     

    • Vendors are not permitted to pack up before the end of the market.   

    • Vendors found arriving late, leaving early, or missing scheduled markets may have their booth location re-evaluated at the discretion of the Market Manager.   

    • Sub-letting and sharing of booth space is not permitted. An application must be completed for every vendor.  

    • All sales must take place within allocated booth space.   

    • Raffle draws are not allowed unless a gaming license is provided to Lethbridge & District Exhibition. No purchase necessary draws are permitted but must take place within booth space.   

    • Printed material for the purpose of solicitation outside of booth space is not allowed to be distributed during markets unless authorized by management. Stickers, windshield flyers, etc. are prohibited.   

    • A product guarantee is to be offered by all vendors. The vendor will replace the product free of charge or return the money to the customer.      

    • Vendors may offer a discount for volume buyers only.     

    • There will be no price undercutting. Prices are to be visually marked (individually on products or with professional signs) and may not change week to week.     

    • New products to be introduced must be requested via Marketwurks and approved by the Market Manager prior to selling at the market.    

    • The market is for the purpose of sales of handmade, baked, grown, or commercial items. Its purpose is not to promote religion or politics and doing so will not be permitted.   

    • No vendor will have exclusive rights to products. Other vendors will be allowed to sell similar products. However, Market Administration will do its best to ensure there is not an abundance of similar items.  

    • Lethbridge & District Exhibition has full control of operations and conduct in the market and reserves the right to refuse space to any vendor.  

    • Market Administration reserves the right to make changes, additions, or deletions to market regulations at any time considered necessary.   

    • Threatening or aggressive behaviour to Lethbridge & District Exhibition staff and/or volunteers, security, members of the public, or other vendors will not be tolerated. Market Administration may at any time, in its discretion, remove the vendor and/or its employees/workers from the Lethbridge & District Exhibition Farmers’ Market for any violation of this contract.     

    • If a vendor or their staff is reprimanded by the Market Manager three times regarding infractions of the rules, on the third infraction the vendor will be removed from the current market and suspended from all Lethbridge & District Exhibition sanctioned markets for the rest of the market season.   

    • Vendors dismissed from the market will be excused for the remainder of the season and must re-apply as a new vendor for the following year.   

    • Idle, indiscreet talk and gossiping will not be tolerated. Appeals or complaints regarding the Lethbridge & District Exhibition Farmers’ Market must be received in writing to the Market Manager within thirty (30) days of the complaint, decision, or incident. The Market Manager will respond to the appeal or complaint within 30 days of which it was received. 

    • Helium balloons, helium cylinders, propane, and butane tanks are not permitted within the facility.  

    • Smoking of cigarettes, marijuana, or vaping is not permitted inside the facility or within five metres of a doorway, window, or air intake  

    • Animals are not permitted inside the market or LDE facility. Registered service animals are an exception with proof of certification presented to LDE staff. Animals must also not be left unattended in a vehicle. 

    • All tables must be covered with a clean tablecloth. Tablecloths will not be provided by LDE.  

    • Vendors must visually display their business name and phone number at their booth. Professional signage is required, business cards and handwritten signs are not sufficient. Sign approval is up to the discretion of the Market Manager.   

    • Signage must be free-standing (no tacks, nails or tape may be used on walls or floors), no taller than 12 feet, and must remain within booth space.  

    • Vendors are responsible for keeping their booth space clean and tidy during and after the market.  

    • Vendors are required to keep the surrounding aisleways free of obstructions.  

    • Vendors shall not operate equipment that interferes with adjoining spaces.  

    • Vendors must conduct business in a quiet and orderly manner.  

    • Electrical cords will not be provided by LDE. Vendors must provide their own extension cords, as the power may not be located directly in reach of their booth.  

    • Electrical cords must be organized and properly covered as not to present a tripping hazard.   

    • Under no circumstances can anyone other than LDE staff make electrical service connections or repairs.  

    • Any products shipped in or out for the market must be labelled with your booth number, company name, and contact information with all documents and payments prepared for shipping. Products are not to be shipped any earlier than one week prior to the market.  

    • Garbage and cardboard must be disposed of after each market.   

    • All additional vendor requirements not included in this application must be ordered minimum five business days prior to the market. LDE cannot guarantee any additional requirements.    

    • Full-time vendors are permitted to leave booths set up from week to week. Exceptions may apply, including the week of Whoop-Up Days.   

    • Perishable items are not permitted to be left in booths outside of market hours. Fridges and freezers must be emptied and unplugged each week.   

    • Any items left at LDE by a vendor that has not paid for the upcoming market will be removed by LDE at the risk of the vendor.

    • All vendors selling food and/or beverages must complete the Farmers’ Market Food & Beverage Vendor Declaration  

    • Vendors handling food and beverages must adhere to the Alberta Health Services regulations as outlined on the Alberta Approved Farmers’ Market website   

    • Every vendor who handles, prepares and sells food and beverages must provide their Alberta Food Safety Basics for Farmers’ Markets certification with their initial application. Certificates must be displayed in booths.

    • Food Safety Basics for Farmers’ Markets courses are offered by Alberta Health Services and are free of charge. If you are not certified, please visit and find the title "Alberta Food Safety Basics for Farmers' Markets".   

    •  Farmers’ Market AHS regulations including:    

      1. Certification of Government inspected meats.   

      2. Certification of organic products.   

      3. All producers must display grade, date packaged, and best before date on their product.   

      4. Previously frozen products must be labelled with the original date of freezing.   

      5. Weighed items must be weighed on a scale inspected and approved by federal authorities. The inspection sticker “legal for trade” must be displayed on the scale.   

      6. Vendors must include a list of ingredients and allergens on all food products being sold.   

      7. Jars and containers used must meet Alberta Health Standards for Farmers’ Markets.   

      8. Temporary hand wash station set up when applicable.   

    • The use of fryers (including personal fryers and air fryers) and propane/butane burners are strictly prohibited.   

    • Vendors using electrical heating devices must have a regulation fire extinguisher in their booth. The policy of the Lethbridge Fire Prevention Bureau governing displays and exhibits under the Alberta Fire Code must be adhered to.

    • Vendors selling alcohol must have AGLC approval and provide LDE with a copy of their AGLC license.   

    • Alcoholic beverages are only permitted to be sold in sealed containers for off-site consumption. Sampling will only be permitted with proper AGLC approval.   

    • The Farmers’ Market will have a limited number of exceptions for non-Coca-Cola beverage vendors, and these will be approved on a first come, first served basis.  

    • LDE reserves the right to limit the number of food and/or beverage vendors in the market.    

    • Food trucks are subject to 15% commission on all sales. Booth fees will be applied to commissionable sales. 

    • Indoor food and beverage vendors selling products for on-site consumption (hot & ready) are subject to 10% commission on all sales made at their booth in addition to booth fees.

    • Lethbridge & District Exhibition, its officers, nor agents will be held responsible or liable for any manner of loss or damage that may occur to property or persons during times of move-in, event, and move-out. Vendors are responsible for all their materials and should always take adequate security measures.  

    • All food & beverage vendors must provide proof of insurance “Certificate of Insurance” as evidence that insurance is maintained for their booth, including comprehensive general liability and property damage with a minimum limit of $2,000,000.  

    • The Certificate of Insurance must name “Lethbridge & District Exhibition” as an additional insured.  

    • Non food & beverage vendors are strongly encouraged but not required to provide proof of insurance.   

    • Event insurance can be obtained through your insurance company or any of the following:   





    • For deposit payments:

    • A 25% administration fee will be charged for cancellations received more than 30 days prior to the start of the market.  

    • All monies will be forfeited for cancellations received less than 30 days prior the start of the market. 

    • All cancellations and changes to market dates must be received via email to minimum one week in advance for the purpose of booth placement.   

    • Vendors must attend all the dates indicated on their application. Missed market dates will count towards minimums for casual/full-time vendor status.   

    • Refunds will not be provided for missed or cancelled market dates unless set up is removed and the booth is available to be re-sold.   

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Ready to Join the Farmers’ Market?

If you have any questions, please contact or 403.328.4491

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