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Real Estate Centre Lobby & Lethbridge County Corridor

Enjoy our stunning shared-spaces

Featuring over 950,000 square feet and a capacity of 5,000 - 10,000 this unique space bordering Henderson Lake is ideal for hosting any outdoor event, concert, or festival.

Want to see all your options?

The Perfect Compliment For Your Event


The Real Estate Centre Lobby is a true show stopper. Welcome your guests to this one-of-a-kind space featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, break-out seating, a cozy fireplace, the guest services office, the OKI sign, the grand staircase and the custom-built 32-foot lobby screen.

As a central point connecting the second level, the Lethbridge County Corridor and the Convention Centre, this flexible shared space instantly elevates any event.


Spanning the west side of the Agri-food Hub & Trade Centre, the Lethbridge County Corridor is the ideal shared-space offering panoramic views of Henderson Lake.


Providing direct access to all four Trade Halls, the corridor connects the south, main and west entry points and features upcycled bench seating, wide halls, water refill stations, a mothers' room, universal washrooms and access to the lakeside seating area.



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