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Lethbridge Farmers’ Market partners to Drive Away Hunger 

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Lethbridge Farmers’ Market partners to Drive Away Hunger

Lethbridge, Alta. – The Lethbridge Farmers’ Market and its vendors are giving back to the community, partnering with Drive Away Hunger to make donations to local food banks. Each Saturday, vendors are given the opportunity to donate leftover food products, which are then distributed to the Interfaith Food Bank and the Lethbridge Food Bank through the Drive Away Hunger program, facilitated by FCC

Lethbridge & District Exhibition has collected food donations from Lethbridge Farmers’ Market vendors for many years, but the partnership with Drive Away Hunger formalizes the process and ensures a maximum amount of available food is delivered to help clients of the food banks. Donated food is picked up by the food banks at the end of each Saturday market. 

“This partnership is a testament to the caring nature of our vendors and their willingness to give back to the community,” says Mike Warkentin, Lethbridge & District Exhibition CEO. “Having FCC and Drive Away Hunger commit to running this program this year ensures the experts are in place to get as much food as possible to our local food banks. We appreciate the commitment of all our partners to support this community.” 

Drive Away Hunger is a Canada-wide campaign led by the agriculture industry, devoted to feeding as many Canadians as possible. Last year, the ag and food industry worked together to provide a record 40 million meals to people across Canada. 

“The work of the Lethbridge Farmers’ Market and its vendors is an incredible example of how a community can work together to help those facing food insecurity,” said Carla Warnyca, FCC’s manager, community investment. “At FCC we are pleased to see the agriculture and food industry continue to embrace Drive Away Hunger as an effective way to deliver on its commitment to provide nutritious food to vulnerable Canadians.”  

The Lethbridge Food Bank and Interfaith Food Bank of Lethbridge are committed to feeding the local community, each providing thousands of meals annually.  

“It’s a wonderful partnership,” says Danielle McIntyre, Executive Director, Interfaith Food Bank. “Perishable foods are in high demand at food banks, particularly because they tend to be a bit more expensive. The cost of groceries has led to more community members relying on our help lately, and the support of FCC and the Farmers’ Market at Lethbridge & District Exhibition will make sure that more of our most wanted foods are available to those who need it most.” 

“The effort Lethbridge & District Exhibition have put in to Drive Away Hunger is a great example of how to support local food security,” says Mac Nichol, Executive Director, Lethbridge Food Bank. “Lethbridge Food Bank relies on programs like this to help us continue our work in the community.” 

The Lethbridge Farmers’ Market runs each Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the North Pavilion at Lethbridge & District Exhibition. Learn more at


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