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Innovative Online Directory set to Connect B2B Agriculture Businesses in Southern Alberta

Lethbridge, AB – March 5, 2021 – Lethbridge & District Exhibition today announced a new way for the agriculture community to come together, allowing vendors, exhibitors and businesses access that they would traditionally have at AG-EXPO.

“We wanted to ensure that the businesses that participate in AG-EXPO still have a place to come together in light of the current health restrictions” said Lethbridge & District Exhibition COO Mike Warkentin. “The new virtual directory is an opportunity for these vendors and businesses to be part of the conversation 12-months of the year.”

Warkentin added, “As an agriculture society, we wanted to ensure that we were providing the same or similar opportunities for the economy, but in a safe and responsible way.”

The online platform goes live on Wednesday, March 17, 2021, coinciding with the previously scheduled opening of the in-person AG-EXPO 2021, which will not be taking place this year due to indoor gathering restrictions.

Looking forward, each year will host the annual directory and event show guide, using targeted social media posts to promote agri-business in our region.

About Lethbridge & District Exhibition

Exhibition Park, under the management and leadership of Lethbridge & District Exhibition, is the premiere destination for bringing people together from all over the world in Lethbridge. It accelerates economic opportunity through the delivery of memorable experiences.

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