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  • The Applicant is at least eighteen (18) years of age

  • Applicant’s principal place of residence is in Alberta and they have resided in Alberta for a minimum of 6 months of the calendar year preceding the year in which a share is allotted.

  • The Applicant possess a demonstrated interest in the goals & objectives of Lethbridge & District Exhibition The Applicant possesses a demonstrated record of volunteer service in Lethbridge & District Exhibition or some other community organization and / or has a record of service in an organization (i.e., breed organization, educational institution, government, trade union, Board of Trade, etc.)

  • The Applicant possesses general qualities sufficient to enable the organization to be an ambassador for Lethbridge & District Exhibition.

  • The Applicant possesses particular qualities or skills as identified by the directors of Lethbridge & District Exhibition from time to time.

  • The Applicant is willing to keep abreast of current issues related to Lethbridge & District Exhibition and its activities.

  • The Applicant is willing to communicate Lethbridge & District Exhibition’s broad goals to the community and share the community’s views and objectives with the officers and / or directors of the Lethbridge & District Exhibition.

  • As a shareholder agrees to attend and participate in the Annual General Meetings and Other Shareholder Meetings of Lethbridge & District Exhibition (in person or by proxy).

  • As a shareholder undertakes to ensure that the Lethbridge & District Exhibition has its current contact information.

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